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The CAPER Young Investigator Committee's goal is to promote and conduct inter-institutional, inter-disciplinary, collaborative pancreatic research projects through networking. The committee conducts monthly teleconferences with the CAPER Trainee members with guest faculty speakers who interact with the trainees. 

Use the link above to join our monthly webinars and be part of the trainee research projects.
Get mentorship from stalwarts in pancreatology!


Meet our Young Investigators

Dr. Samuel Han

Trainee Chair

"I am a faculty member at The Ohio State University. I completed my therapeutic endoscopy fellowship at the University of Colorado and I am primarily interested in chronic pancreatitis and pancreatic endotherapy. I am highly invested in fostering collaboration among young investigators to produce high-quality research in this exciting field."

Samuel Han OSU Faculty Photo 2020.jpg

Dr. Cemal Yazici

I am a junior faculty in the Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology at the University of Illinois at Chicago. I specialize in pancreaticobiliary diseases with a specific focus on pancreatology, clinical and translational research. I am  particularly interested in acute and chronic pancreatitis, health-care disparities in pancreatic diseases and role of diet in pancreatitis. CAPER played a key role in establishing productive collaborations during my fellowship training and it is exciting to be a part of CAPER Trainee Committee which aims to expand collaborative research networks in pancreatic diseases.


Dr. Venkata Akshintala

Communications Chair

 "I am a clinical and research fellow at Johns Hopkins Hospital with special interest in pancreatic disorders. I am interested in using a multi-dimensional, collaborative approach in understanding these pancreatic disorders by combining evidence from epidemiological, clinical and basic / translational research. Also interested in applying novel methodologies in clinical trials, prognostic modelling in clinical research to make them more effective and applicable in impacting patient care." 


Dr. Furqan Bhullar

I joined Johns Hopkins Hospital as a postdoctoral research fellow after completing my medical school at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI). I have been involved with CAPER for just over a year when I was introduced to the group by Dr. Akshintala. As a junior trainee with CAPER, I have had the pleasure to be involved in a wide variety of studies. The CAPER community is an incredibly welcoming group of exceptional investigators from a broad range of backgrounds. Mentorship and training is at the forefront making it a truly valuable group to be a part of. As I plan to go into internal medicine residency, I have harnessed a breadth of knowledge and experience to take with me. I look forward to
continuing to be a part of the growing CAPER family.

furqan picture.jpg

Dr. Livia Archibugi

I am a Gastroenterologist and Pancreatobiliary Endoscopist performing ERCP and EUS at San Raffaele Research Hospital (Italy, Milan). I am also a PhD candidate, dedicating my research time on clinical and translational projects about pancreatic adenocarcinoma. I joined CAPER in 2018 as the first European trainee and really believe it can make the difference. My other pancreatology interests are: screening programs for high risk individuals, acute pancreatitis and chronic pancreatitis. Other interests not related to the pancreas: music, astronomy, artificial intelligence, krav maga. 

Archibugi Livia (1).jpg

Dr. Puanani Hopson

"I am a Pediatric GI Fellow at the University of Florida at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children in Orlando, FL. I became involved in the CAPER Trainee Committee after attending and presenting research at Pancreas Fest in 2018.  CAPER Trainee Committee is expanding its reach to provide education and collective research projects, and I am excited to continue working on this committee.  My goal is to continue to recruit more pediatric focused trainees to CAPER, in effort to collaborate on research projects and share in the resources and networks that the Trainee Committee has worked hard to establish.  My research interest are in Pediatric Pancreatology with a special focus on exocrine pancreatic insufficiency."


Dr. Francisco Valverde-Lopez

I am currently working as a clinical pancreatologist in Virgen de las Nieves University Hospital in Granada (Spain). I finished my PhD about predictors of severe acute pancreatitis 2 years ago and still working in this field with fellows in my hospital. I am also interested in working in chronic pancreatitis specifically in cardiovascular and nutritional complications, as well as in pancreatic cáncer and idiopahtic acute pancreatitis. Being part of CAPER is a great oppurtunity to work with colleagues of different parts of the world and learn from the most important pancreatologist

Imagen 12-10-20 a las 14.46.jpg

Dr. Chris Moreau

Chris is a Biomedical Engineer with over 20 years of experience in the medical industry, including healthcare delivery, medical device manufacturing, clinical engineering, and academic research.  His interests include medical device design, research/clinical trials, healthcare facility design/medical equipment planning, and clinical process/quality improvement.  He is a proud native Texan who was educated at all three of the state’s largest universities and has worked in most of Texas’ largest hospitals.  In his free time Chris enjoys hiking, traveling with his wife, competing at BBQ cook offs, and volunteering with Pancreas disease organizations.

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