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PancreasFest 2024 Plan to Promote Safe Environments


Statement of Commitment

PancreasFest 2024 is committed to providing a safe, respectful, and inclusive environment for all attendees. Our goal is to foster a professional atmosphere where all individuals can engage in open and productive discussions without fear of harassment or discrimination.


Expectations of Behavior

We expect all attendees, speakers, organizers, and volunteers to conduct themselves in a manner that promotes a positive conference experience for everyone. The following behaviors are considered unacceptable and will not be tolerated:

  • Harassment: Unwelcome, deliberate, or repeated verbal or physical conduct that is inappropriate and unacceptable. It can include behaviors that are based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or disability.

  • Sexual Harassment: Unwelcome, deliberate, or repeated verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature. It can include harassment based on sex, including pregnancy, gender identity, transgender status, and sexual orientation

  • Racial and Ethnic Harassment: Unwelcome, deliberate, or repeated unsolicited verbal or physical conduct based on race, ethnicity, color, or national origin

  • Bullying and Intimidation: Repeated, unreasonable actions aimed at intimidating or humiliating individuals

  • Discrimination: To treat a person differently, or less favorably because of their race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy, gender identity, and sexual orientation), national origin, disability, age (40 or older), or genetic information


Reporting Violations

Attendees can confidentially report alleged violations of the expectations of behavior to conference organizers through the following channels:

  • In-person: Approach any designated conference organizer (wearing identifiable badges).

  • Email: Send a detailed report to

  • Local Police Department: Call the non-emergency line at 513-765-1212

  • Emergency Services: Call 911


Assessment and Consequences

Upon receiving a report, the conference organizers will:

  1. Acknowledge receipt of the report within 24 hours.

  2. Conduct a prompt, thorough, and impartial investigation.

  3. Maintain confidentiality to the extent possible.

  4. Take appropriate actions based on the findings, which may include:

    • Warning the offender

    • Expelling the offender from the conference

    • Reporting the incident to relevant authorities


Additional Resources

  • Questions and Complaints: Individuals who have questions, concerns, or complaints related to harassment are encouraged to contact the conference organizer or the HHS Office for Civil Rights (OCR).

  • Filing a Complaint with HHS OCR: Visit the OCR’s Filing a Civil Rights Complaint webpage for information on how to file a complaint. Filing a complaint with the conference organizer is not required before filing a complaint of discrimination with HHS OCR, and that seeking assistance from the conference organizer in no way prohibits filing complaints with HHS OCR.

  • Reporting to NIH: Concerns of harassment, including sexual harassment, discrimination, and other forms of inappropriate conduct at PancreasFest can be reported via NIH’s Find Help webpage.


Communication and Documentation Strategy

  • Communication: The Safety Plan will be communicated to all attendees through inclusion in the conference materials, meeting app and printed copies available at the registration desk.

  • Documentation: All allegations and resulting actions will be documented confidentially. Reports will be logged with details of the incident, investigation process, and outcomes. This documentation will be securely stored and accessible only to designated organizers.


Steps to Ensure a Safe and Respectful Environment

  • Clear Communication: We clearly convey our policies and expectations regarding behavior to all participants.

  • Proactive Support: Our organizers are dedicated to providing immediate support for reporting and addressing concerns.

  • Continuous Improvement: We actively seek and use attendee feedback to enhance the safety and inclusivity of our event.


We are dedicated to ensuring PancreasFest 2024 is a safe and welcoming environment for all participants. Thank you for your cooperation in maintaining these standards.

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