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 The CAPER membership cycle is by calendar year. 

 In addition to supporting the CAPER's operation and overall mission, members will enjoy several benefits which include:

  • Discounted registration rate for 2020 PancreasFest

  • Access to CAPER’s educational resources, including slide libraries and webinars. 

  • CAPER Navigators-receive guidance, review of your pancreas research project, and assistance with components ranging from study design, bio statistics, documentation, etc. CAPER Navigators will direct you to the appropriate faculty who can assist you more with your project. 

  • Networking Opportunities - become a part of this great CAPER community comprised of some of the best minds in pancreas research who always are open to help, share, and collaborate. 

  • Membership Directory- access to the names and emails of all CAPER members 

  • Web hosting- design a webpage for your project on the CAPER website if your project is approved by CAPER. You can use it to have updated content and links, which are especially useful if a big group is involved with the project.

  • You can use REDCap, with all its advantages, for your CAPER approved pancreas research project. 

  • You can use webinar/web meetings for your research project if supported by CAPER

Membership Pricing:

Class A and Class B CAPER Membership is $0 for 2020

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